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For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay. Suppose you have two options upon graduation: one is to find a job somewhere and the other to start a business of your own. You are to make a decision. Write an essay to explain the reasons for your decision. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


In the past two years of my college life, I have never ceased to think what kind of work I shall take up upon graduation. Although my ideas are not consistent, I have now decided to start a business of my own as my lifelong career.

A variety of factors have led me to make this decision over other more lucrative ones. To begin with, running my own business means freedom and independence. As a person having my own business, I am free to use my own ideas and make my own decisions, a privilege not everyone can have, even those with highly-paid positions. More importantly, I like starting my own business in that it offers a certain peace of mind. No more rushing to catch a morning bus, no more anxiety to please a boss, no more worries about your paycheck which is steady, if not handsome.

Nothing, not even a big salary, can equal for the satisfaction of being your own boss and a gentle peace of life.


cease 停止, take up 从事, upon graduation 毕业时, although 尽管, consistent 连续的, lifelong 终生的
, career 职业, a variety of 很多, factor 原因, lead to 导致, lucrative 诱惑性的, to begin with 首先, freedom 自由, independence 独立, privilege 特权, highly-paid position 高薪职位, more importantly 更为重要的是, in that 由于, offer 提供
, certain 某种, peace 安静, rush 匆忙, anxiety 焦虑, please 取悦, paycheck 收入, steady 稳定的, handsome 丰厚的、英俊的, big salary 高工资, equal 抵得上, satisfaction 乐趣、满足, gentle 安宁的

       四级写作已经多次考察情景作文,如:2014-6:What is the Most Interest Place in China(中国最有趣的地方是哪儿),2014-6:What is the Most Interesting Place in Your Hometown? (你的家乡最有趣的地方是哪儿), 2014-6:What is the Most Interesting Place in Your Campus?(你们校园最有趣的地方是哪儿),希望考生引起高度重视。
1、To make my lectures more constructive and stimulating, I have to read more books, explore new knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world——the very thing I enjoy in my life.

2、This is inevitable because ours is a society where one’s income is still determined by the knowledge you possess.

3、With the growing number of college graduates being turned out each year, the situation in the job market is getting tighter and tighter.

    For undergraduates college students, deciding what to do upon graduation can be a tough decision to say the least. From my point of view, I prefer to launch a business. My choice can be attributed to the following two driving forces.

For one thing, I want to start my own business because I love do what I love. In my own business, I will be more than passionate to plan, organize and execute my favorite project.For another thing, running my own business, I can accumulate rich experience, which is not only valuable to problem-solving but also critical to career development. While the risk of failing is real, what is important part is the lesson learned.

Actually, when in comes time for university graduates to decide their next step in life, there is no on right or wrong choice for everyone. Rather, each students must reach his or her own conclusion.








Upon graduation, virtually all college students will confront the problem of the career choice,which is truly a tough choice. Students' opinions differ greatly on this issue. Some hold that priority should be given to start a business of your own, but others take the attitude that finding a job is the best choice influencing their future.

As to myself, I prefer the latter view. An opportunity to start a business exerts a tremendous fascination on a great number of people, with no exception to me. In my view, With the competition in the job market becoming increasingly fierce for college graduates, some ambitious students have tried their hands at launching their own businesses. Over the years,there have been many successful cases of student entrepreneurship and such attempts should be encouraged and promoted by both the universities and the society at large. What’s more ,College students who start businesses are pioneers,among whom will be born China’s future business leaders. Faced with unknown challenges, they are audacious enough to embark on a perilous journey while most of their peers enjoy stable salaries by working as white-collars at high-end office buildings.

All in all, the essential difference between the students who find a job or those students who create their own businesses is that the former are docile followers whereas the latter are aggressive trailblazers. For this reason, business-launching college graduates are more admirable, and thus they command our deep respect.

Job hunting becomes increasingly tough for college students, for more college graduates bring about much fiercer competition. Consequently, starting a business of one’s own becomes another alternative. But for me, I still prefer finding a job somewhere.

From a personal perspective, a good start for one’s own business requires plenty amount of money together with adequate work experience, but as college students, we often lack the latter. On a community level, we are able to get involved in a more complex relationship in a larger work place which provides us with necessary skills in communication as well as cooperation with others. In a larger sense, with more and more start-ups worldwide, the young entrepreneurs as college graduates are under even greater pressure than finding a job elsewhere competing with other job hunters.

As the old saying goes: “Lay a solid foundation, and the time will come for you to shine!” Therefore, we have to accumulate as enough experience as possible by working for others, and wait for the right time to start our own business.

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