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[人物故事] 维密模特身材养成记 在健身房中挥汗如雨 1222

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While most of us would feel pretty damn good if wemade it to the gym twice in one week, type#Trainlikeanangel into Instagram and you mightreconsider your self-congratulatory pat on the back.


From side squats and planks to boxing with formerchampion boxers, in the run up to this year'sVictoria's Secret show, which took place in Paris on30th November, the Angels have been hitting the gym hard.


"The girls generally start training a month before the casting and should they be chosen, theycontinue to train, often upping the intensity until the show," explains Michael Olajide Jr, co-founder of Aerospace where some of the Angels train.


"Nutrition is an important part of the process. The goal is to have the greatest show body theycan for the purpose of wearing lingerie."


So, how often do they work out?


"Every girl is different. There are girls that work with me twice a day and there are girls thatalternate days with yoga or ballet. Every body is truly unique," says Olajide Jr.


Just from looking at Instagram though, it's safe to say that achieving the toned, sculpted body ofa Victoria's Secret Angel is a full time job in itself. For those who are tempted to employ some ofthe techniques, here is everything you need to know...


Boxing benefits


Boxing has seen a huge resurgence in popularity this year, especially among women. Thetechnique not only gives you a full body workout, but it also helps improve your coordination.No doubt, with the knowledge that Adriana Lima uses the sport to get in shape for the show,boxing will remain a fitness favourite for the foreseeable future.


Strong core


Using a range of gym equipment, including a medicine ball and balancer, Martha Hunt provedthat a strong core is essential. It's no surprise that they've all got impeccable abs.


Weighted workouts


British model Leomie Anderson has mixed up her workouts with side squats, leg lifts andweighted crunches and one-legged bends. Anderson highlighted how simple moves can helpstrengthen and tone your muscles.


Smooth sliders


If you haven't used a slider before, then Kelly Gale's Instagram video is a lesson in just howuseful and effective they can be. The circular discs make it easier to move, but also engageyour core muscles. For those that don't want to invest in the gym accessory, paper plates canwork just as well.


The Victoria's Secret workout playlist


We've all got our favourite songs we like to work out to, even the Angels. "Adriana loves house,classic rock, and even hip hop," says Olajide Jr. "Kelly Gale loves hip hop, but tends to go withanything that's playing. And Bridget [Malcom] is exclusively a 70/80's girl."


And the post-workout snack...


"Visualise ice cream but drink water. It's the best thing for you post workout..." says Olajide Jr.


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Visualise ice cream but drink water。。。
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