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Sunshine Garden By Andromeda W( Miwa Chiyoko)

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Sunshine Garden:Chapter One

     Tai Sen Jun and his family just moved to Beijing from Hong Kong. The windows are misty, roads are frosty, snow started to whirl with the freezing wind. It’s warm and cozy at home, it isn’t a big apartment, but warmth settled between the small family and laughter filled the air. Qian He Mei and her brother Tai Sen Jun decided to go and venture into the unfamiliar neighborhood. Their mother gave them an everyday mission to walk the dog, excitement and intensity made the two kids did a lot of imagination of seeing some monsters and aliens.
“It’s cold outside, you might want to wear this jacket on.”Mommy gave Qian He Mei a pink little jacket.
“Okay,”she replied.
Tai Sen Jun looked at the clock, it’s three already. He then asked “How long can we play downstairs?”
“Hm... You can walk the dog every 7 morning for an hour, 4 to 6 two hours for the evening. You can play longer on the weekend.”Mommy got her time scheduled strictly. But her son seemed to be bothered, he looked worried.
“What is it?” Mommy asked, patting his head gently.
“I don't think I can communicate well, my Chinese is really trashy...”Tai Sen Jun made an efficient thought, when words get rusty with meanings, he’ll just use body language. Body language is universal, no one will get his mind muzzled when a foreigner shakes his head and points at his map. So, there’s always a way to communicate, but, that’s definitely not as fast and efficient as talking.
He remembered that Chinese is not a problem in HK, everyone knows a few scattered English. Living in a high class apartment is ten times more convenient. How can they be high classed without the staff’s fluent English? But, Foreigner’s are rare in Beijing. Their like Aliens, rather stand out even taking a simple walk. Nevertheless speaking. Tai Sen Jun, looked like a mid-east cultured creature more than a blonde. He got beautiful eye lashes, dark hair, and handsome figure. Being “hunt” down by college girls and old granny’s are more than often to his case.
Mother don’t have this anxiety, “You’ll be fine, just go downstairs and chat with the other dog-joggers.”
His sister Qian He Mei on the other hand , hold on to the‘que sera sera’ typed of style. “Things will be fine, Beijingers are nicer than you think, they looove hosting outsiders.”
“How would you know when we haven’t yet got downstairs? ”Tai Sen Jun’s sarcastic words made Qian He Mei laughed as they got into the elevator.
The tempature was more than cold, it’s chilling out there. Hand and foot’s are red in just seconds, their southern somatoplasm made talking complicated, well, it is hard to tell what the stiffed lips are saying.
They walked through the garden, with the wet marble steps, they never felt so inflexible in HK, you’ll break your ass if you slipped yourself. Tai Sen Jun looked for friends all over. Rotten trees, chilly wind, freezing snows are the only thing he can lay his eyes on, no living creature except them are walking on this dreadful day.
“Hm... ... The other dog-walkers aren’t out yet.” Qian He Mei stick to her optimism thought.
But her negative brother got impatient by this both beautiful and depravation view ”We’re the only haunted ghost in this place.”
“I feel like the only human being in this world. Feels like we own this place.” Qian He Mei opened her arms to the gravy sky, although she’s freezing, but this scene is not always seen in HK, it’s the third time she saw snow drifting from window to window, celebrating the end and start of another year.
“Shush!” Tai Sen Jun suddenly gasped, he covered his sister’s mouth with his hands, observing that there are strange sounds. Qian He Mei looked around, indicating that she heard the strange voice too.
Tai Sen Jun got his intentions lingered to that squeaky sound he heard. Walking tensely like a wanted theft, through the quiet garden, the deserting place made their breath echoing in the wind. The highly cautioned “theft” finally got furious of the big breathing sounds, which made the squeaky voice hard to follow.
“Can you breath rather ‘lightly’? You speak like you starve at home, but breath like a bull. What logic can I get from it?” Tai Sen Jun complained.
“I can’t help it, I breath because I’m a living person.”Qian He Mei innocently replied .
He followed the sound to a little office, independently placed at the front gate of the Sunshine Garden. It’s for the security. Tai Sen Jun lay his foot at the back of the office, the little window was just acceptable for on person’s sight, he pulled his sister to whisper “You go and take cover, Ill check on the explanation of the squeaky noise.”
Qian He Mei wasn’t so agreeable to this strategy, but nothing’s more worse than to quarrel and get catch red handed peeking into the security room. She turned her sight to the wandering “creature-less” place.
Her brother peeked into the room, the squeaky voice shouted“How are you hired by your boss? You lazy bone!” And the shouting creature laid his eye to the small window, Tai Sen Jun react quickly, hid himself under the window, Qian He Mei caught the sight of a big Parrot staring at the window. She kept her head low, telling herself not to get too nervous and prepare to grab Tai Sen Jun and run like wolves are chasing. In case Tai Sen Jun get cuffed, and police cars taking him away.
The odd thing was, the parrot returned to the quarrel. This made her curiosity blast off her nerves, she crawled slowly to Tai Sen Jun, when he saw his sister crawling towards him, he cant help asking “What are you doing? We’ll get caught if watching together.”
“Just let me take a little peek, Im just curious what the parrot looks like.” His sister’s curiosity challenged his endurance to her innocence.
“I didnt see the parrot, Ill let you see after my assurance of secure.”The excuse didnt work on his sister.
In stead of quarreling, she decided to solve this unfair problem with conducting to take position of the window. Tai Sen Jun will definitely not take that for acceptance, he pushed her away. She squeezed in. He kept pushing. She kept trying to make herself some place.
“Hello, fellows, what are you doing?”The squeaky sound found them interesting to tease, while they’re still dealing with the window proprietary rights, which is somehow supposed to be owned by the landlord, the parrot plainly interrupted to the messed up situation.
Tai Sen Jun, when flouncing about some time, amazingly got a chance to see the parrot, near enough to see his eye as big as a basketball. He flinched and chicken-out the paranoid fight. Qian he Mei got so terrified, she jumped and ran as fast as she could to get out of the parrots sight. The parrot scared the shit out of them, both of them ran as fast as wolves are chasing after them,the ironical short fact is, the creature embracing their speed is a “bird”, a parrot.

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