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The Race to the Moon: Gemini 6 and 7 Meet High Above Earth in 1965 比赛月球:双子座6日和7满足高在1965年地球上空

30 June 2009 09年6月30号

EXPLORATIONS -- a program in Special English by the Voice of America.探索-一个程序中的特别英语**。
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Today, Shirley Griffith and Tony Riggs complete a report about America's second manned space program, Gemini.今天,雪格里菲斯和托尼里格斯完成一份报告,对美国的第二次载人航天计划,双子座。 Its purpose was to bring the United States closer to its goal of landing astronauts on the moon.其目的是使美国更加接近其目标着陆宇航员在月球上。

To explore the surface of the moon, astronauts must be able to survive outside the protection of their spacecraft. 探索月球表面,宇航员必须能够生存的保护之外的航天器。 So an astronaut on the flight of Gemini Four, Ed White, took that first frightening step into the unknown. 因此宇航员在飞行的双子星四,怀特,在第一次可怕步入不明。
For more than twenty minutes, he floated outside his spacecraft in the emptiness of space.超过20分钟,他以外的航天器浮在空虚的空间。

Walter Schirra, right, and Thomas Stafford during an exercise in preparation for their launch in Gemini 6
Walter Schirra, right, and Thomas Stafford during an exercise in preparation for their launch in Gemini 6沃尔特斯基拉,右,托马斯斯塔福德在演习准备发射双子座6
Astronauts on the next flight, Gemini Five, suffered a number of technical problems. 宇航员在下次飞行,双仙湾五,遭受了一些技术问题。 But they were able to survive in space for eight days. 但是他们能够在太空中生存了八天。
Then it was time to launch Gemini Six.然后,是时候推出双子六。 Its crew would attempt a move that would be necessary for any landing on the moon.船员将尝试这一举动将是必要的任何登月。 The astronauts would chase another object orbiting Earth.宇航员将追逐另一个对象绕地球。 And they would move their spacecraft as close as possible to it.他们把他们的航天器将尽可能地接近它。
However, the target -- a satellite -- apparently exploded after it was launched.然而,这一目标-一个卫星-显然这是爆炸后推出。 So America's space agency, NASA, said there was no reason to send up Gemini Six.因此,美国航空航天局说,没有理由送双子座6 。 NASA decided to move ahead with the next flight, Gemini seven.美国航天局决定前进的下次飞行,双子座7 。
Then NASA considered yet another plan.然后美国宇航局考虑的又一计划。 It would launch Gemini Seven.该公司将推出双子七个。 And, if everything was ready, it would launch Gemini Six a few days later.此外,如果一切都准备好了,该公司将推出双子座6几天后。 Gemini Six would chase, and get close to, Gemini Seven instead of a satellite.双子座六将大通,和亲近,双子座七,而不是卫星。
Astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell were the crew of Gemini Seven.宇航员弗兰克Borman和詹姆斯洛弗尔是双子座的船员7人。 They would make the longest, most difficult flight ever.它们将使最长,最困难的飞行以往。 They would spend fourteen days in their tiny spacecraft.他们将花费14天的微型航天器。
Gemini Seven lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Friday, December third, nineteen sixty-five.双子座七升空从佛罗里达州卡纳维拉尔角,星期五, 12月第三次, 1965年。 Workers at the space center examined the launch area.工人在航天中心的发射研究领域。 There appeared to be no major damage.似乎没有重大损害。 The workers quickly moved another huge Titan rocket into place.工人迅速采取行动的另一个巨大的火箭发射到土卫六的地方。 On top of the rocket sat the Gemini Six spacecraft.顶部的火箭星期六双子座六飞船。
NASA announced that Gemini Six would be launched in the early morning of Sunday, December twelfth.美国航天局宣布,双子座六将推出的周日清晨, 12月12日。 The timing would put the two spacecraft in the correct orbit to meet in space.的时间将两个航天器在正确的轨道,以满足空间。
Astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford prepared for their flight.斯基拉和宇航员沃尔特托马斯斯塔福德准备飞行。 They had waited once in a spacecraft that never left the ground.他们在等待一次航天器,从未离开过地面。 Their first launch had been cancelled because the target satellite exploded.他们的第一次发射已被取消,因为目标卫星爆炸。 This time, they hoped, things would be different.这一次,他们希望,事情会有所不同。
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Mission Control in Houston, Texas. The first attempt to launch Gemini 6 ended in failure.
Mission Control in Houston.地面控制中心将在休斯顿举行。 The first attempt to launch Gemini 6 ended in failure.第一次尝试推出双子座6以失败而告终。
On that Sunday morning, Schirra and Stafford were again in their tiny Gemini Six spacecraft atop the Titan rocket.的那个星期天上午,斯基拉和斯塔福德再次在小六飞船双子星之上的泰坦火箭。 Borman and Lovell, in Gemini Seven, speeded across the United States. Borman和Lovell ,在双子七,加快整个美国。 The countdown at Cape Canaveral reached zero as Gemini Seven passed overhead.倒计时卡纳维拉尔角达到零七个作为双子座通过开销。
Frank Borman's disappointed words from space told the story.弗兰克Borman的失望的话告诉空间的故事。 "I saw ignition...and then shutdown." “我看见着火...然后关机。 ” For some reason, the Titan rocket engines had fired as planned.出于某种原因,大力神火箭发动机发射按计划进行。 But then they shut themselves off one second later.但随后,他们把自己关了一秒后。
For several tense minutes, the astronauts of Gemini Six were sitting on top of a highly explosive mass of rocket fuel.好紧张分钟, 6名宇航员双子坐在在一个极具爆炸性的大规模的火箭燃料。 Schirra waited with his hand on a special device.斯基拉等待他的手放在一个特殊的设备。 If he pulled it, he and Stafford would get away safely.如果他退出,他和斯塔福德将摆脱安全。 If he did not pull it, and the rocket exploded, they would be killed.如果他不把它和火箭发生爆炸,他们将被杀死。 With nerves of steel, the astronauts waited.紧张的钢铁,宇航员等。 The rocket did not explode.火箭没有爆炸。
Once again, Schirra and Stafford climbed out of Gemini Six.再次,斯基拉和斯塔福德爬了出来双子六。 Borman and Lovell continued to circle the Earth. Borman和Lovell继续循环地球。
Soon, the public heard the report.不久,公众听取了报告。 A tiny part at the bottom of the rocket had fallen out too early.一小部分底部的火箭已脱离了为时过早。 That tiny part sent a signal to computers that the launch had taken place.这小部分发出了一个信号的计算机启动已经发生。 The computers immediately shut off the rocket engines.计算机立即关闭火箭发动机。
Space agency officials decided to try one more time.航天局官员决定尝试一次。 They set the launch for three days later.他们将推出3天后。 It would be the last chance for Gemini Six to attempt to meet with Gemini Seven in space.这将是最后一次机会双子座六试图与双子座七空间。 If this attempt failed, the United States would suffer a serious delay in its goal to land astronauts on the moon.如果此尝试失败,美国将遭受严重的延误,其目标土地宇航员在月球上。
Borman and Lovell continued to circle the Earth, day after day, as workers hurried to meet the new launch date. Borman和Lovell继续循环地球,日复一日,工人急忙以应付新的发射日期。 They were almost three hundred kilometers high.它们几乎三○○公里高。 They were moving at twenty-eight thousand kilometers an hour.他们移动二点八万公里一个小时。
The launch of Gemini 6
The launch of Gemini 6发射双子6
December fifteenth, nineteen sixty-five. 12月第十五届, 1965年。 This was it.这是它。 What could be an impossible effort in the history of spaceflight was ready to lift off on its final chance for success.什么可能是不可能的努力,历史上的航天准备升空,其最后的成功机会。
For the third time, Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford put on their space clothing.第三次,沃尔特托马斯斯塔福德斯基拉和提出关于其空间衣物。 They took their places in the Gemini Six spacecraft.他们把自己的地方双子座六飞船。 The countdown reached zero just as Frank Borman and James Lovell, in Gemini Seven, passed overhead.倒计时达到零正如弗兰克Borman和詹姆斯洛弗尔,在双子七,通过开销。
This time, with a thundering roar, Gemini Six rose into the air.这一次,以雷鸣般的轰鸣声,双仙湾六涨到空气中。 As it headed into space, a radio announcer said: "This whole nation pushed that one up."因为它进入太空领导,一个电台播音员说: “这将是整个国家之一了。 ”
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Now there were four Americans in space.现在有4名美国人在太空中。 Gemini Six followed Gemini Seven, but in a lower orbit that moved the two spacecraft closer together.双子座双子座七六之后,但在较低的轨道上移动的两个航天器的关系更加紧密。 Flight controllers on the ground held their breath.飞行控制在地面上举行了一口气。 Success was near.成功不远了。 Yet failure was still very possible.然而,失败的仍十分可能的。
The spacecraft were almost two thousand kilometers apart.该航天器几乎二〇 〇 〇公里四分五裂。 They needed to get within six hundred meters of each other.他们需要获得内六○○米对方。 Only then would space agency officials consider the project a complete success.只有这样才能保证航天局官员认为该项目取得圆满成功。

Time passed quickly as Schirra moved Gemini Six closer and closer to its target.时间的流逝斯基拉尽快搬到双子六接近其目标。 Gemini Six was now eight kilometers behind, and twenty-four kilometers below, Gemini Seven.双子座6现在八公里后面,二四公里所示,双子座7人。 Schirra fired a rocket exactly long enough to put his spacecraft in the same orbit.斯基拉发射火箭完全足够长的时间把他的航天器在相同的轨道。 Then radar on each spacecraft noted the other spacecraft.然后在每个航天器雷达指出,其他航天器。 Happily, Schirra sent a radio message to Gemini Seven.令人高兴的是,斯基拉发出无线电讯息双子座七个。 "We'll be up shortly," he said. “我们将在不久, ”他说。
A few minutes later, the astronauts were able to see each others' spacecraft.几分钟后,航天员可以看到对方的航天器。 Success seemed within reach.成功似乎指日可待。 Only six-and-one-half kilometers separated them.只有6个和0.5公里的分离他们。 The two spacecraft continued to float together, far out in space.这两个航天器继续浮动在一起,远在太空中。
A photo of Gemini 6 taken by the crew of Gemini 7
A photo of Gemini 6 taken by the crew of Gemini 7照片双子所采取的6名船员双子座7
They moved closer and closer together as they flew across the Indian Ocean.他们将密切合作,因为它们飞越印度洋。 It was about six hours since the launch of Gemini Six.这是6个小时左右推出市场以来,双子座6 。 For a while, there was no communication from space to Earth.有一段时间,没有空间通信地球。 The spacecraft were too far from any ground station to send clear messages.该航天器太远任何地面站发出明确的信息。

Finally, the voice of Thomas Stafford came through the silence of Space: "We are thirty-six meters apart and sitting."最后,声音托马斯斯塔福德是通过沉默的空间: “我们正在36米除了坐。 ”
Thirty-six meters! 32 6米! That was far better than the six hundred meters space agency officials would have considered a complete success.这是远远优于六○○米航天局官员将审议取得圆满成功。
In fact, the two spacecraft almost touched each other before they separated.事实上,两个航天器几乎触及对方才分开。 Space agency officials now knew that it was possible to join two orbiting spacecraft.航天局官员现在知道这是可能的加入两个轨道航天器。 The crew on Gemini Six had made the operation seem easy.机组人员双子座已经取得的运作似乎很容易。
As the American astronauts continued to float through space, they inspected each other and each other's spacecraft.正如美国宇航员继续在太空中自由浮动,他们互相检查对方的航天器。 Frank Borman noted happily that after twelve lonely days in space, he and James Lovell finally had company for one night!弗兰克Borman高兴地看到,经过12天的太空寂寞的,他和詹姆斯洛弗尔公司终于有了一个晚上!
The next day, Schirra and Stafford completed their flight.第二天,斯基拉和斯塔福德完成其飞行。 Gemini Six landed in the Atlantic Ocean within twenty kilometers of the rescue ship.双子座6降落在大西洋内二十零公里救援船舶。 Gemini Seven continued to speed on.双子座七继续高速。
On December eighteenth, ground controllers asked Borman and Lovell if they were ready to come home. 12月18 ,地面控制人员要求Borman和Lovell如果他们准备回家。 "Ready! Ready!" “准备!准备就绪! ” the astronauts answered.宇航员回答。 Gemini Seven landed as perfectly as Gemini Six.双子座七降落的完美双子座6 。
Astronauts Borman and Lovell had been in space more than three hundred thirty hours. Borman和Lovell宇航员已经在太空中多三百三小时。 They had traveled almost eight million five hundred thousand kilometers.他们前往几乎八百五十零点○万公里。
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The flights of Gemini Six and Gemini Seven greatly increased hope that Americans soon would be able to land on the moon.航班双子和双子六七大大增加,美国人希望尽快将能够登陆月球。 Schirra and Stafford proved that spaceships could link up while in orbit.斯基拉和斯塔福德证明飞船联系起来,同时可以在轨道上。 Borman and Lovell proved that humans could survive in space for the time needed to get to the moon and back. Borman和Lovell证明,人类可以在太空中生存所需要的时间去月球和返回。 The distance to the moon suddenly seemed shorter.距离月球似乎突然缩短。
Five more Gemini flights followed.五双子座航班之后。 Other spacecraft joined with other targets in space and landed exactly where planned.其他航天器同其他指标在空间和降落正是计划。 Astronauts worked for longer periods of time in the hostile environment of space.宇航员的工作时间较长的敌对的环境空间。
The Gemini program had reached all its goals.双子座计划已达到其所有目标。 Now, the United States was ready for the next historic jump into space.现在,美国已经做好准备,在下一个历史性跳转到太空。 It would be Project Apollo.这将是项目阿波罗。 Project Apollo would land men on the moon.项目阿波罗将土地男子在月球上。
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This Special English program was written by Marilyn Rice Christiano.这一个特殊英语课程的作者是玛丽莲水稻克里斯。 Your narrators were Shirley Griffith and Tony Riggs.您的叙述者是雪莉格里菲斯和托尼里格斯。 I'm Doug Johnson.我道约翰逊。 Listen again next week for another EXPLORATIONS program on the Voice of America.听下周再次再探索计划对**。








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