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1.  Bring me some tea when you come.
2.  I have something interesting to tell you.
3.  She is my first girl friend.
4.   Bruce said he had already bought a buildog.
5.  Hey, a pet shop. let's go in and have a look.
6.  You or he is mistaken.  不是你错了就是他错了.
7.  Mary often does her homework after supper.
8.  The place where we are going to stay is far from our city.
9.   This is my first time to walk home.
10.  Death is certain to all,  all shall die. 死必临万物,万物皆会死.
11.  I met a friend of mine last night.
12.   Tom used to take a walk every afternoon.
13.   I found my cat sleeping under the table.
14.   I bought many toys and a ready-made suit at the duty-free,
15.   It sounds as if he had attended the seminar yesterday.
16.   I had hoped to pass examination. 我曾希望能通过考试.
17.   Frankly speaking, I don't have enough money to pay the bill.
18.   They love doing any activity which can develop a healthy body.
19.    That means I've got to be back by six.
20.    He can not only write poems but also compose music.
21.    If he could have come ,she would have been very glad.
         如果他当时能来的话, 她一定很高兴.
22.     It is ten years since the war was over.
23.    The issue was considered unimportant, 该问题被看成无关紧要.
24.    There are four seasons in a year.
25.     The teacher told us to do it at once.
26.     There are some apples on the table.
27.     Walking along the street, I saw this bar.
28.     She answered all the questions correctly because she had prepared well.
         因为她准备充分, 所以答对了所有问题.
29.     It was always he that was blamed.  受到责备的总是他.
30.    The James' have lived in New York over ten year. 
31 .    I want to leave here so that i don't have to pay for the skirt.
32.     The turnover capacity of the harbor has increased by one-fourth.
33.     He suggested that the work should be done that way.
34.     I need to finish the writing before 10 O'clock.
35.     She saw the thief stealing into the bank at night.
36.     when i came in, the dog was lying on the floor.
37.     Were I jane,  I would be very pleased to marry you.
38.     Such a practice must be put an end to. 此类行为必须制止.
39.     Oh!  I have a sore throat.
40.     Shame!  Let the girl sit there.
41.     Which do you like, tea or coffee?
42.     He is a qualified doctor.
43.     He told me where he would go. 他告诉我他要去哪里.
44.     I have found a way to make thousands of dollars.
45.    They are having their breakfast.
46.    I saw him stealing into the bank when i was watching the stars at ngiht.
47.    He died from a blow, 他是被打伤致死的.
48.    The committee are not in agreement on the action they should take.
49.    How can it be possible? I haven't kissed your girlfriend.
50.    We were asked to finish the house within half a year.
51.    We said our good-bye at the airport.
52.    I seem to have seen him before, but i can't remember where.
          我以前好像见过他. 但不记得在哪里了.
53.    Are you completely recovered from you illness?
54.    I took a seven-hour train ride to that city.
55.    John is taller than any othe pupils in the class.
56.    I demand that you should pay the check right away.
57.    our stomachs are empty.
58.     I saw my teacher grow rice on the farm.
59.     Now that I am well again, I can go on with my study.
         既然我身体好了. 我可以继续读书了.
60.     Wolves kill sheep and sometimes even attack men.
61.    I was totally fascinated by her. 我完全被她迷住了.
62.    Mary said she was going to watch the football match.
63.    The waiter served him a bowl of hot soup and he was very thankful.
64.    It occurred to me that he might have forgotten the date,
65.    This is a family who often quarrels among themselves。这是一个经常吵架的家庭。
66.    I remember what father told me。 我记得父亲所告诉我的话。
67.    I don‘t know the height of the mountain。
68.    Do you know of any English word borrowed from Chinese?
69.    Dr. Smith, together with his wife and two sons , is to arrive this evening.
70.     She spoke clearly, so that everyone might hear her.
71.    The two boys are much alike, 这两个男孩长得很像.
72.     Most Of her money has been spent on clothes. 她的大部份钱花费在衣服上.
73.     If you once understand this rule, you will have no further difficulty.
74.     May I stop here? NO, you mustn't.
75.     By the time we meet again, summer will have arrived.
          到我们再次见面时. 就会是夏天了.
76.     Look out! A truck is coming this way.当心! 一辆卡车正向这边开来.
77.     He is not the person who is easy to deal with.
78.     My brother doesn't need to wash the clothes for me.
79.     Famous singers like Michael Jackson have many followers.
80.     Monday is the second day of the week.
81.     Regardless of his hard work, he still failed to get promoted.
          尽管他努力工作, 他还是没有得到提升.
82.     Did you ask him where his brother was? 他的弟弟在哪里, 你有没有问过他?
83.     The water in this glass is not clean.
84.      You will be walking again on both feet in a few days.
            过几天后, 你就可以用两脚走路.
85.      Whoever you may be, you will be punished.
86.       There's no use talking to me about it.
87.        I have always tried to help those who are less fortunate than I.
88.       I always feel tired after a boring day.
89.       Gold is more valuable than iron in price but less useful.
90.       We eat an early breakfast every morning.
91.       Someone is looking for you at the gate.
92.       The absent-minded man is always losing his books.
93.       You think you are much smarter than I am. eh?
94.       You and I have done our best.
95.      This is the student who wants to see you.
96.      He suggested that they shouldn't say anything about it.
97.      He must not come, may he?  他不可以来,是吗?
98.      There are three  Chens in  this class. 班上有三个姓陈的.
99.     I started lost in the race, but I soon caught up  with  the others.
100.   The weather forecast said we are going to have snow in the next few days.
101.    What time shall the movie begin?  电影几点开始?
102.    I can't find my wallet, I must have lost it somewhere.
103.   Ask me again in three or four days. 三四天以后再问我.
104.   Peter's handwriting is not as good as Kate's.
105.   but the class  are having a discussion.  但班上的同学正在讨论.
106.   She will stand there sleeping for hours. 他常常坐在那儿一连睡上几个小时.
107.   Someone was heard to open the cabinet by bus. 我们听到有人开柜子.
108.   Two-thirds of the earth's surface is water. 地球表面的三分之二是水.
109.   It cost me ten dollars to buy the pencil.
110.   My car is in front of the Lins' house.
111.   Where are your sisters?
112.    I greatly worshipped him then. 我那时极其崇拜他们。
113.   Since it is so hot, let‘s go swimming。
114.    When i called, Tom was having dinner。
115.    Man can“t live without water。
116.    Did you dream of such a New York?
117.    This is an eating house, not a supermarket。
118.    That is the reason why I am so familiar with  them。
119.    Tom has just arrived, but I didn’t know he was coming until this morning。
120.     He went abroad for the purpose of studying。 他出国目的是为了学习。
121.     She is more careful than any other girl in her class。
122.     That was the worst weather we had ever had in the past ten years。
123.     One day you‘ll have to answer for what you have done。 总有一天你得对你所做的事负责。
124.     Hunted everywhere, the wolves had nowhere to hide themselves。
125.     Thirty monkeys were huddled along the thick branches。 三十只猴子挤在粗大的树枝上。
126.     He dislike an audience of women because they always cry easily
127.     I saw him going home。
128.     A lot of his money has been spent on books since he became a college student。
129.     What an idiot he is to believe such nonsense!
130.     THe building whose windows are round is our school building。
131.     They will leave Taipei on January 26.
132.     Yesterday was an unusually warm day for winter。
133.     It was two years since she had been in America。
134.     There are two deer living here。
135.     Those twins look very much alike。 那些双胞胎看上去非常相像。
136.      Mary scarcely dares to go out at night, does she?
137.     He knows French as well as English. 他除了懂英语,还懂法语.
138.     If he could have come , she would have been very glad. 如果他当时能来的话, 她一定很高兴.
139.     The village are all against the plan.
140.     I have trouble in reading English newspaper.
141.     We must fight it out.. 我们必须战斗到底.
142.     THe racing car must be ready within two minutes.
143.     Without your help, we would not achieve so much.
144.     He has handed over his stocks to his son. 他已经把他的股票交给他的儿子了.
145.     He  has a big house to live in. 他有一间大房子住.
146.     If all people do good things. we'll have a better world to live in.
147.      I was about to lie down when the telephone rang. 电话响的时候我正要躺下.
148.      I am not a little boy! you needn"t have told me that much. 我不是小孩子. 你不必和我讲那么多.
149.      We stayed home over the holidays. 假日期间我们待在家里了.
150.      No sooner had my head touched the pillow than i fell asleep, 我头一碰到枕头,就睡着了.
151.      HOw about some more salad?  再来些沙拉怎么样?
152.      After the cast had made its curtain calls. the audience would not leave.






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