niceair 发表于 2009-8-21 22:47:32



1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散


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再见炊烟 发表于 2009-8-21 23:01:57

While there have double income in this era there have growingrate of divorce
The gulit sensation backlog in my hearthave completely vanished

ciyu 发表于 2009-8-21 23:09:26

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
In this era, there are double incomes, higher divorce rate; there are superb buildings ,more broken families.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散.
Following this, guilt sense that was in my heartfor many yearsvanished.

kellychung 发表于 2009-8-21 23:13:15

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
This time hasdouble income,but has higher divorce rate; it has more gorgeous houses,but has more broken families.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
A sense of guilty which lied in my heart for years is gone.

bb_micky 发表于 2009-8-21 23:21:33

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
In this age, there are two incomes,but more divorce; more luxuriant houses, but more broken families.

2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
The sense of guilty ,which has pressed on me so many years, is gradually going with the wind.

Bubble Woo 发表于 2009-8-21 23:21:57

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
In this times,there is double income,but also higher percents of divorcement.There are more beautiful houses,but more broken familis.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
The feeling of criming which is existed in my heart for many years completely vanished.

zb5228126 发表于 2009-8-22 00:32:04

In this epoch,we have double incomes but higher divorce rate;we have gallanter house but more broken families.
This guilty sensation which has repressedme so many years has passed away.

image-I 发表于 2009-8-22 03:24:35

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散

there is double income,also more divorce rate; there is more splendid house, but also more broken family.
the guilty loaded on my heart so many years is gone.

bombzhu 发表于 2009-8-22 07:53:15

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
There's double income this age,but with higher divorce rate:we also have more grand houses,and more broken families
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
The feeling of sin bearing down on my mind for years disappeared subsequently

天上一片云 发表于 2009-8-22 08:11:59

1.These are the days of two incomes, but more divorce; of fancier houses, but more broken homes.
2.The guilt that I had carried around for so long was nowhere to be found.

xdsh99 发表于 2009-8-22 08:22:00

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
This new times appears two incomes,while turns up high rate of divorce;we have more grand houses,but there are still more broken families.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
The sence of guilty I stood was removed off these years .

方轱辘 发表于 2009-8-22 08:59:28

During this period,there is doulbe salary,but high rate of divorment.There are more gorgeous bulidings,but more fragmentized families.
My self-guity all these years has vanished.

vivian_667 发表于 2009-8-22 09:14:27

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
This period has seen double income, as well as higher divorce rate; it has seen more florid houses, as well as more cracked families.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
The sense of guilt that has pressed on my heart for years also vanish completely with it.

mshsh99 发表于 2009-8-22 09:17:45

1. 这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
The times has double incomes,but also has highly diovrce ;there is the magnificent house,but there are more broken families。
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
feeling of guilty in my heart followed it vanish over the years。

cathypt 发表于 2009-8-22 09:30:53

1.        这个时代有双收入,但也有了更高的离婚率;有更华丽的房屋,却有更多破碎的家庭
in this time, what comes with double income is higher divorce rate; luxurous housing brings more broken families.
2. 多年来压在我心头的负罪感也随之烟消云散
the guilt on my mind for years is vanished with it.
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