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利兹大学的心理学家发现了据他们称“十分显著”的证据,一些酷爱上网的人形成了强迫性的网络习惯,他们将网络聊天室和社交网站取代了真实生活中的社交。**** Hidden Message *****

湖上桃花渔 发表于 2010-2-7 08:05:59

scientists from Britain said this Wednesday that people who serf the internet are likely to be in depression .but it is still a mystery wether internet give rise to depression or depressed people like internet more.psychologist of Lize university found which they called conspicuous evidence, some web addictshas developed into compelling habit,they replaced real communication with internet chatroom and communicate website

belinda 林 发表于 2010-2-7 12:06:49

英国科学家于本周三称,经常上网的人出现抑郁症状的可能性更大。the socientist of england say that the people who seach internet so mush is possibably to have the symptom of depression
但目前还不清楚究竟是上网导致了抑郁,还是抑郁的人更喜欢上网。but it is not sure whether is seaching internet cause depression or the ones who suffer from depression like to seaching

foxyli 发表于 2010-2-7 14:41:48

British scientists reported in this wednesday that there was more tendency for those who always surf on net to get melancholia.
But now we still doubt wether the net lead to melancholia or those peole much more like going on line .
Psychologist of Liz university find the “obvious" evidence they claimed that those who indulge in net-surfing have formed a kind of compulsory habbit . They regard the net chatting room and social contact web as real social contact in life.

xxx111yyy 发表于 2010-2-7 20:11:42

it hard for me

wnn8511 发表于 2010-2-7 21:15:37

This Wednesday, British scientists said that, the person who was always on the internet got more risks of   depression.
However, it is not clear whether the internet causes depression or the depressive ones like the internet more than others.
The pyscologists in Liz University found that, according to their obvious evidence, those who like internet had the compulsive habits of internet, and they made chating room and social interaction website in place of the interaction in real society

meiyee 发表于 2010-2-7 22:56:09

let me check this.

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Jane-gf 发表于 2010-2-8 00:11:46


It is announced by British scientist on Wensday, those people who often on line are more likely to suffer depression.
However, we are not clear that is the depression lead people to surf on the Internet orthe people suffer depression are more favorite of surffing on line.
The psychologists of the University of Leeds said that they had found the significant evidence. Some people who love approching the Internet develop the compulsive habit. They take the chat room and social sites as the socialization in the real world.

liu553555 发表于 2010-2-8 01:46:41

This Wednsday some British scientists said "There are more abilities to catch a depression for the man who surfs the Internet frequently.
But now it's not clear whether surfing the Internet leads to depression or depressed people are fond of surfing the Internet.
The psychologists of LEEDS College found some evidence which they thought obvious.Someone who is wrapped up in Internet gets used to compulsive Internet habbits.
They will take Internet chatting room and social contact network station instead of the social contact in real life.

chengbinjie 发表于 2010-2-8 08:58:15


The Englandof scientistsannounced   this wednsday,it is more probably to lead to one'sdepression about surfing the Internet often.



fly_dream2009 发表于 2010-2-8 09:37:50

The British scientists said Wednesdaythe people who are always surfing on the internet will probably have more posibility to fall into Depression.

But they are still confused aboutwhether the surfing result in Depression or the people in depression are more like to surf on-line.

Psychologists in Leeds University said they find "the obvious evidence",the people reveled in internet have formed a kind of obsessive habit which they take place the real community live with the chat room and the virtual community website.

yafeng.li 发表于 2010-2-14 21:39:12

People who are often surfing internetare more likely to show depression than others, one scientist from England said.
But surfing internet lead to depression or depressive people like it is unknown at current status.
Psychologists from Leeds university found the proof what they said are outstanding. Some
people revel in surfing internet forms mandatory networkd habit, which they take charting room and social website as social activities in true life.

rabbii 发表于 2010-2-20 17:14:28

Check it out!

holyvivii 发表于 2010-3-3 19:35:55

The English scientist declared that those people who search the net get depressed more likely than those who don't this Wednesday
But recently it is not so clear that searching internet caused depression or depression caused searching internet
利兹大学的心理学家发现了据他们称“十分显著”的证据,一些酷爱上网的人形成了强迫性的网络习惯,他们将网络聊天室和社交网站取代了真实生活中的社交。The scycoligist in Liz university said they found a very trustful provement.Some people who like the internet has informed a forceful net habit .They take the internet chatting room and social website as a real social commication
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